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Koen Bok
Posted Nov 25 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that we just shipped v75! This update was all about improving the speed and efficiency of Framer, especially when it comes to large prototypes. We also gave the app a visual refresh with a new syntax theme, light layer panel styling and more.

A special shoutout goes out to Johannes, Kim, Charlie and Jordan for sending us their large work files. This was a huge help in helping us locate and improve on problem areas in the codebase.

We fixed lagging issues for most of you, but if you run into any problems, please do let us know! For now, take a look at the blog post to get details on everything we changed —


Ryan O'Rourke

I have some giant compositions and this update is really doing marvels on them. Thanks!

Adam Mazurick


Abhishek R

Tears of pain, when will you support us on windows.

Gregory J. Orton

Installed and running! Aaaaannnnnd, my massive prototype is already loading faster... thanks!

Andy Jakubowski

Thanks for shipping this — exactly what I needed for my prototypes. Before I would split up my prototypes to work on specific areas before testing with users, but hopefully now it won't be so necessary anymore!

Ciaran Madigan

Just booted up an old HUGE prototype i did several months ago. Before it was sluggish as hell and took bloody ages to code with the auto refresh turned on. Now it's basically instant.
Great job, guys - but I really could've done with this a few months ago ;)

Sander Värv

Impressive updates to speed, congrats!
One thing I consider a step backwards though is the highlighting in layers palette. Grey -> white on dark bg had better contrast than grey -> black on white bg. For example when I cmd+hover layers in the preview window, it is harder to notice the highlighted layer.

Stewart Murrie

This is great, thanks! Do you publish a complete change list for each release? It would be good to see all the changes and fixes.

Sergey Voronov

Plz dont forget about android users:)

Justin Smith

Ciaran Madigan Same experience here, took an old clumsy prototype and it is now nearly instant, that really continuous improvement at its finest!

Shivani Dixit

Great! This will solve many of our problems

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