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Junha Kang
Posted Nov 24 - Read on Facebook


once again, i have another question while using framer

i was trying to make an interaction that moves with interval of certain distance, and to make this interaction used "layer.direction" and if the output is "down" it goes down certain distance and same with the "up"

it seemed to work perfectly fine with dragging but not with the mouse wheel scrolling
(i'm making lot of website prototypes these days)

somehow every time i use mouse wheel the output is "down"

is this normal or am i using it wrong ?


Floris Verloop

Ouch, this is a bug. I'll report a ticket.

There's an easy fix though, inside the "onScroll" event you can check the "deltaY" which is the amount of pixels changed in this event. If it's negative it means the user is scrolling up and vice versa. Here it's implemented in your project →

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