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Daniel Keller
Posted Nov 22 - Read on Facebook

Hello Guys,

Im having a problem with the window / document object when mirroring on an iOS devive. I need to use the window or document object for a scope problem with another JS Plugin.

My Prototype works perfectly fine on mac, but as soon as I mirror the projekt to the Framer iOS App / mobile Safari or mobile Chrome i get Type Errors all over the place.

The exact error for all object:

TypeError: undefined is not an object(evaluating '')

Again the exact same project works on the Mac perfectly fine!

I have the feeling that the iOS Webkit handles document. and window. differently than on macOSx is there any hack / fix for that?

Would it work on Anroid maybe?


Jordan Robert Dobson

That seems odd. I would think that it's a timing issue. Like on mobile it's taking longer to load the assets so they aren't actually available and setup yet.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I would check if they are available or set a long delay before using

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