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Lauren Nielsen
Posted Nov 30 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone. I searched the group i couldn't seem to find this problem already stated, so here it goes.

I'm creating a custom slider component as a time picker and I want to have two slider knobs. I can't seem to add another knob that will work with the framer component.


David Kerns

Just a quick thought on this UI – might be nice if the color denoting the active hours (in between the sliders) followed a gradient that corresponded to the available light at that time of day? So starting dark blue, to purple, orange, and ending in a brighter orange/yellow. MIght also be improved with some tick marks, or something that gives one an idea of the scale. Having said this, I'm not sure this will be the best mobile UI for a time range picker. I'd be curious to see how others have tackled this.

Where do you plan to show the result? Looks like 7 to 9 AM you've selected here, but you'll need to show that somewhere.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Have you considered actually using two slider components? Overlaid on each other?
I wonder if that would work.

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