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Akash Soti
Posted Nov 21 - Read on Facebook

Guys, has anyone made radio buttons using states? I am stuck at a point where my radio buttons change state but I am not able to get my head around how to disable others when one is active.


Gregory J. Orton

I'm about to publish a module for customisable radio list. Give me until next week. :)

Andrew R McHugh

If you don't have a week, you can create an array with all of the radio button layers. Then when you want to activate one and deactivate the others, loop through the array, deactivate all of them, then after the array just activate the one you want.

Akash Soti

Thank you guys! I figured it out, Andrew R McHugh I was thinking on those lines but was unable to articulate it into code.

bg = new BackgroundLayer

container = new Layer
width: screen.width

radioButtons = []
for rb in [0..2]
rb = new Layer
width: 60
height: 60
image: "images/radio_off.png"
y: 58
x: 40+(rb*400)
name: "rb#{rb}"
parent: container
rb.states =
image: "images/radio_on.png"

#function that handles state change for the clicked radio button
radioStateChanger = (clickedRadioButton) ->
if == "stateOn"

for rbutton in radioButtons
rbutton.on Events.Click, ->
collect = container.children
for c in collect
clicked = this

Jacky Lee
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