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Alex Maximets
Posted Nov 20 - Read on Facebook

Hello fellow Framers, I've been playing around with a binary function that opens a layer if both options are unselected and I so far I've found this:

This only does a half of what I need though. Basically, I need something along the lines of this:

if tile1 is active
- tile2 is inactive
- LayerA.width= maxWidth (call it 750 for ex.)
else if tile 2 is active
- tile 1 is inactive
-LayerA.width= maxWidth ( " )
else if tile 1 is inactive and tile 2 is inactive
-LayerA.width= 0

I feel like the solution is really easy, I just can't seem to find it.
Thanks for your help in advance.


Alex Maximets

Marc Krenn could you please provide me with some assistance EDIT: Nevermind, it turned out to be as simple as 2+2

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