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Jacek Stryk
Posted Nov 22 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to prototype for one iPhone screen size let say the iPhone 5S yet scale the design somehow to be able to see it on iPhone 6S Plus or any other iPhone screen size?

When I try to mirror the 5S prototype on 6S physical device the prototype is obviously scaled down but I'd love to be able to scale it up somehow to fit the entire 6S physical screen - do not care much for scaling artifact etc just want to be able to prototype once and preview on any iPhone.



Amrit Mazumder

Framer.Device.contentScale = Canvas.width / baseLayer.width will make your prototype occupy whatever width is available and scale accordingly. (baseLayer here would be the topmost layer in the hierarchy; the main parent layer which contains the full prototype)

Jordan Robert Dobson

I have a module that handles the difference in sizing. Are you building natively or using sketch?

Camille Zapata

“Framer Tips — Responsive for multiple devices” I've been using this

Clint Miller has some good videos on using flex box to do this

Jacek Stryk

Camille Zapata thanks for sharing the medium article, turned out to be the best way to deal with "design once" preview on multiple different iPhones

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