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Noah Levin
Posted Nov 17 - Read on Facebook

Some small things:
1. Figma importing things with *'s to flatten gives you "_" in your layer names.
2. or Framer.metadata? The snippet uses "metadata", the default project says ".info"
3. Figma imports require you to write "figma.LAYER.animate" to access the auto animation layout. With globalLayers(figma), it'd be nice to have it detect that I'm calling LAYER.animate and make it draggable. Less typing ;-)


Koen Bok

This is great Noah. We're going to do another round of import improvements soon. Does anyone else have Figma import feedback?

cc Ryan Benjamin Krijn

Koen Bok

Noah for 3, I'd recommend: `{top, bottom, button} = figma`

Noah Levin

Another one: Hidden layers don't import to Framer. They should.

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