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Rafael Puyana
Posted Nov 16 - Read on Facebook

So, I need to get another license for using the new framer?


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Rafael Puyana,

A Framer license gives you a year of updates which you'll need to renew if you want to receive another year of updates. You can though forever keep using the current version of Framer you've got installed (last version of that year of updates)

So in this case it would probably indeed mean that you'll need to renew your license for Auto Code Animation.

Rafael Puyana

What a weird business from the user perspective. I bought it with the Sketch bundle long time ago so I made the wrong assumption that I was buying the software and not your year-of-updates model. Thanks for the ride folks.

Koen Bok

Having to pay is never fun, but we need to charge to build a sustainable business. I'm sure you understand. We gave all our early users (including people who got the bundle) a free upgrade with the last major update, where we switched the license model to free-updates-for-a-year. I think it's the most fair model for both customers and businesses, and most desktop mac apps seem to agree. But I also understand that other might disagree, as pricing is partly emotional too, and everyones experience is different.

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