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Miguel Essers
Posted Nov 17 - Read on Facebook

Since my developer is in the USofA and I’m facing a deadline (myself just being a non-coder...):

I’ve learned that Framer COULD do transparent video before, but not at this time. True?

Tried to find a workaround, without success.
Thought animated GIF (play once) might be a solution. When I throw it in the window, it runs, and stops of course.

is there a way to make it play again on a touch event?

I do not need a detailed explanation for now,
just need to now if it is possible.

Really would solve a serious issue... THNX!!


Blaine Billingsley

I think the thing to do with GIFs is to preload the asset, then create the later when you want it to play, if you want to play it again, create a new layer with the asset (and destroy the old if you please)

Miguel Essers

These solutions above are absolutely interesting.
However, I experience some issues still, if I need to work with GIF.
Seems certain previous Framer version COULD do transparent video. Is there an option to still work with such an older version, Koen Bok...? For my purposes it might be the best solution.

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