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Mike Johnson
Posted Nov 15 - Read on Facebook

I had a few questions come in after the previous FramerCasts episode on setting up the flexbox layout using imported files. To help explain it in detail I made a full project containing everything from importing all the way to refactoring and creating our own FlexContainer class that can be put into a module.

It ended up being so long I broke it down into multiple parts. Here's part 1!


Floris Verloop

Amazing work man 🔥

Sergey Voronov

saw the free cast on flexbox - nice one, thanx. However there is a problem with using flexbox model in framer . Actual layers size and position will be different from what you expect in framer, because we are not using absolute anymore. And its ok if layers are static, but if we will try to animate them or try to interact with them in usual framer fashion - it will not work

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