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Stewart Murrie
Posted Nov 11 - Read on Facebook

I'm evaluating Framer to make some interactive prototypes out of Sketch files, but I'm seeing that the files aren't rendering correctly. Is this a known issue? Can someone help me dig into this?
Framer v74 / Sketch 41


George Kedenburg III

because framer depends heavily on the way you group your sketch file, this is usually a byproduct of having some loose layers somewhere that the importer misses. double check your group structure, and try to do a little more grouping of loose layers and then re-import your file

Stewart Murrie

Ok. Not sure what 'loose' means here. Everything is in a group at some level (every direct child of the artboard is a group). But I went and put every layer into a group, even if it's a group of one, and that fixed the problem on the left, but not on the right. The only way to get it to work was to put everything at the top level of the artboard into a group, and to flatten it with an *. Now it shows up correctly, but of course I lose access to all the layers. Any advice?

Ee Venn Soh

Sometimes having too many nested child groups can mess things up. Maybe try putting input channels in its on group.

Stewart Murrie

It was already in its own group, but if I moved it to the top of the artboard rather then being buried a few groups deep it will indeed display. This behaviour is unsettling. Anyway, I can move forward now. Thanks for the suggestions, guys!

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