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Junhyuk Jang
Posted Nov 16 - Read on Facebook

Hello framer friends-

I did experiment to make infinite scroll up/down both directions, but I think you guys can make this better :)

Is there any good examples of infinite scroll that can loop both directions? (plus. I want to show more items on the list, not just one.)



Eelco Lempsink

Very cool, this works pretty well already! A quick trick for showing more items (while keeping the logic the same) to turn off clipping of the ScrollComponent so the whole content shows:

Junhyuk Jang

I think this is trick or cheat. I tried to use array (unshift, pop) but it's little bit hard to me.
I just updated my prototype anyway. Please check url:

Jungho Song

Good! I made "infinity looping list". Github url : and Demo url :

Jungho Song

And I also made a sample that expanded the center list. :D (Github -

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