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Junha Kang
Posted Feb 16 - Read on Facebook

hi framer team
just quick simple question from a beginner

can i right more than two functions in one line ?

like, if i want to call 2 functions on a event i have to write

A.onTap ->
' function1()
' function2()

but can i write them in one line ?

i tried ↓

A.onTap -> function1() function2()

but it's giving me error like the picture i attached

thank you !


Junha Kang

for anyone who is looking for the same thing, you can just write ; at the end

Junha Kang

A.onTap -> function1(); function2()

Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Junha Kang, not like this, but you could combine the functions so that there's only 1 function call. :-) Something like updateStates(show, hide) where the first targets B and the second one C.

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