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Camille Zapata
Posted Nov 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi! I have a question about framer prototypes. Is it possible to make them responsive (full width/height of the screen)?

I've assigned a specific device on the app, but when sharing or previewing I don't have the same device but I'd still like to see the full screen.



YuHsuan Chao

not exactly related to your question but love to share this anyway - I've just backed this on KS :D

Mike Johnson

Co-incidentally I just published a new FramerCasts video that talks about using flexbox to solve this problem. I'll also have another one coming soon that goes through setting up an entire file to be responsive using this technique.

Jorn van Dijk

You can do:
layerA = new Layer
width: Screen.width
height: Screen.height

Camille Zapata

Hi everyone, thanks for all the responses! This one helped as well:

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