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Marty Laurita
Posted Nov 08 - Read on Facebook

With the election so close, we have to think about what kind of country we want to live in. I certainly don't want to live in one dominated by unsustainable energy policy.

This API-driven framer applet visualizes or monthly and annual oil imports. We're need to be more aware about how unsustainable our situation is.

Heavily inspired by the work of Andrew Nalband, Jun-Hyuk Jang, and Marc Krenn. Learned a ton!

Please give it a try, I welcome your feedback!


Jonas Treub

Holy shit! Looks awesome

Ashanya Indralingam

Equal parts mesmerizing and terrifying. Slick one, Marty!

Мария Копотилова

How do you create video mockup?

Junhyuk Jang

wow, it's amazing!!!!

Andrew Nalband

Nice! This has come a long way since I last saw it! Looking good Marty

Marcelo Moyano


Philippe Côté

I'm glad to see someone finally using UI technology to help reflect on or solve real, tangible problems. Good job! :)

Andre LaMont

Great job with this one

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