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Yfat Eyal
Posted Nov 08 - Read on Facebook

Hey Everyone, I am working with the speech API, and I have after the speech is recognized the "assistant" speaks back (via UI sound) - is there a way to have that the system recognize the end of the "speaking back" and then goes back into the default state? what would be the best way to do this? (attached is very much a work in progress of a visualized assistant - Thanks!


Christie Gettler Tarazon

i'm no help but maybe some major kudos will inspire you. this looks awesome!

Travis Hall

Nice! If I understand correctly, “sleeping” is the default state? The way you’re approaching it seems to be mostly correct but there’s a couple of things that could be stopping you.
- “Roaring4.gif” isn’t looped, so when you create the layer initially, the gif is on the finished frame by the time the onspeechend event has fired.
- This shouldn't affect your prototype, but I'm not sure bringToFront() takes those arguments (somebody will probably correct me, I'm not certain)

Travis Hall

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