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Patryk Adaś
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

On the left there is what I see in web preview, on the right there is preview from framer. Basically, it's the same difference whenever I launched it in Safari vs Opera/Firefox/Chrome.

Any idea why it happens? Also, place see how the yellow layer works - it is place before blue layer in Opera/Firefox/Chrome, yet is not in Safari.

Code quality is bad, yet I am trying to understand why it happens and dunno how to solve it.

Prototype is trigged by clicking anywhere on blue layer at first, afterwards its on mouseenter/mouseleave.


Patryk Adaś

basically, not only that, but framer ignores layerorder, when perspective is on; I'm running newest version

Jonas Treub

Can you create an example which shows the issue and nothing else? Right now its hard to digest what exactly is going on :)

Jonas Treub

I did some testing and in Chrome the layer that defines the perspective is not allowed to be the clipping layer or it will also clip its 3D children. Here is a quick example:

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