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Christie Gettler Tarazon
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I'm having some issues dropping my proto into an iFrame... (I know iFrames come up a lot on here, I've dug through them and still can't find an answer... :/ )

My project has a cube, which I created by parenting all the sides to the layer "cube" and rotating them. When I use the share link, it displays just as it does in Framer studio. As soon as I drop that link into an iFrame, suddenly I can only see what is visible within the "cube" layer (so, basically, just the one corner of the cube.)

I did find that if I specify a device in Framer Studio, then everything shows appropriately in the iFrame except I really don't want it on a device, just the canvas.

any thoughts?

Here's the framer link:

and the iframe code:
<iframe src="" width="900px" height="900px"></iframe>


Christie Gettler Tarazon

whoops, sorry just realized i disabled the made with framer popup so you wouldn't be able to grab the code. here's new link:

Christie Gettler Tarazon

(in case anyone else runs into this too) I created a custom device (using Device.customize) without a device image. worked well.

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