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Liu Zhou
Posted Nov 02 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, recently I've encounter some problems with nested pageComponents, also did some experiments. Here's something to share:
First I tried a 2-D pageComponent. Add pages both to the right and bottom, so I have a 3col*5row grid. This would lighten the nested structure. By adding directionLock and threshold, it would scroll only in one at a time. I also disable the horizontal scroll while it not at top row. So it looks like a three separated columns.
And I dived a little deeper and added subPage at col3-row2. This subPage would scroll horizontally. I added some switches(.content.draggable.enabled) on the pageComponent so that the subPage and the superPage would not interfere with each other.
I think it'll be useful for present contents with swipe gestures, on a watch maybe.
It looks fine so far, but still has one minor problem. On page col3-row2, where the subPage is inserted, it fails sometimes, and swipes not as smooth as other pages does. I don't know what the cause is yet.