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Angie Marie
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone out there use Framer as scaffolding almost to assist their developers or other team members in mocking up prototypes? For instance, if you have a standard style guide that all of your web apps should follow, but not enough UXers to help mocking up prototypes - does anyone use Framer as a pipeline where the entire style guide is essentially in a Framer file with modules and editable pieces that the developers can just go in and modify copy/elements?

Not sure if that completely makes sense, but let's say you have all of your elements/styles/interactions for your apps set up in Framer modules -- a developer could take that file and just modify navigation items in the file, call and position buttons, bring in form elements, etc. A (hopefully) fast way to mock something up without using developer resources to actually code something. The setup is there - so the button animations would be programmed in modules and the developer would just need to call the button and position it, but not worry about what is the standard animation used in your apps.

tl;dr -- does anyone use one standard Framer file they reuse across apps and what tips do you have for that? Or even instances of where it doesn't work, where it works best, other ways you've figured out how to reuse it? Thanks!


Tarun Chakravorty

The uber design team does something like this. They posted about it a while back.

Tarun Chakravorty
Jordan Robert Dobson

Yes I do. I have a global file that contains colors, font families, other style treatments, typefaces, common measurements, SVG assets and the like. Mostly a little digital grab bag based off of style guide and common items I need.

I've also considered doing the same thing for content as well.

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