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Dimitrie Hoekstra
Posted Nov 02 - Read on Facebook

Heya I was wondering if this is a bug in Framer Studio:

Flipped states with masked elements are behaving weird:

uploaded a zip with sketch file and framer files here:


Logan Merriam

when sketch flips a shape it keeps the original coordinates of the points and applies a transformation, instead of actually changing the coordinates. unfortunately SVG renderers often ignore the transform. try hitting the "flatten" button in sketch? i'm not sure if that will remove the transform or not

Daniel Lauding

Convert the shape to outlines in sketch!

Dimitrie Hoekstra


Onne Gorter

Flips on the last group or any object works. But flips on parent groups are ignored. Hopefully something we can fix, but perhaps with this info you can work around the problem for now.

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