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Justin Smith
Posted Nov 02 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone had troubles with Sketch import and layers having strange offsets? I recently found that a layer placed at (0, 0) in Sketch, with a shadow of (0, -1) blur: 16 will be place in Framer at x: 16.

For now I have eliminated the shadow, but is there a way to force an import with the "true" location rather than offset due to shadow?


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hmmm, that's an interesting issue. This probably happens because we flatten it to an image, making the shadow not dynamic and influencing the width of the layer/image.

I'll make sure someone here looks into it soon!

Justin Smith

Thanks Krijn! Another work around is putting everything inside a masking layer. Though it looks like Framer doesn't handle nested masks? Or at least there is a maximum number of nested masks?

Onne Gorter

Shadows become part of the layer in framer. That moves the layer by -shadowX, -shadowY to compensate. Sketch and framer should look the same, but the framer x,y are indeed different, unfortunately ... you can "force" it by removing the shadow.

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