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Mike Johnson
Posted Nov 01 - Read on Facebook

Quick update on FramerCasts:

For the early stages I reduced the Pro price to just $5 dollars. $9 was a bit steep when there are only a limited number of videos. In return, please leave some feedback on how I can improve the quality or content, either in the comments on the videos, here, or direct email from the contact link.

And for the pro video of the week:
Framer user Ashwini Purohit submitted a request for help to try and clean up this prototype, including using states and a lot of depth adjustment during state swaps. In this 17 minute video I go through the file line by line, refactor, explain, and update the prototype.


Koen Bok

I can't recommend these enough, they are fantastic. Krijn can you help Mike to get them on the official resources page?

Leonid Nazarov

Mike Johnson, thank you! May be you could add some trailers for paid video? Just 30-60sec what user could get

Paul Kooi

I noticed that during the live Seattle user group a few months back...that all of the users doing talks kept saying that "everything is a class" or " I have a few different classes here" etc. I watched your video and would love if you explained it again ...but in a real world example. Like how one might produce reusable components with classes etc. thanks.

Sander Värv

Mike Johnson, thanks for doing this! One bit of feedback.. The Upgrade to Pro page is currently not very confidence-inspiring. No word on who's the service provider, just some fields to enter my credit card information. I want to feel secure when I give out this data :)

Mike Johnson

I can understand that. I wanted to keep it super simple, rather than jumping over to another site etc, but it is rather vague right now.

The payments are handled through stripe payments and no data ever touches my server, mostly because I don't want any responsibility for people's information! :)

Thr info gets passed directly to stripes server which responds with success or failure.

But yes, I'll explain that on the upgrade page, you're right. Thanks!

Guillermo Romero Jr

oooh didn't know about this. Subbed!

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