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Elliott Gibb
Posted Nov 01 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, I'm super new to Framer and trying to recreate something I've seen in Foursquare, is anyone able to share a project where it has similar functionality to the attached screenshot?

- When you swipe the location card at the bottom, the relevant map pin also highlights. It's on a sort of carousel effect but have so far been unable to recreate using a superLayer.

Any help is much appreciated + I'll owe you a beer or two next time you're in London. Thank you!


Stephen Crowley

Rich Zarick and Chris Camargo ?

Sergey Voronov
Chris Camargo

Yes, this can be tackled pretty simply. If I have some time before the end of the day, I'll whip up a quick example.

Sajid Saiyed

Checkout this demo, I have a scrolling list in the demo which can be scrolled and also controlled using slider. It might give you some idea on how to control the map:

Hugo des Gayets

I have made one recently, but you have to hack it a little, I will share it tomorrow!

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