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Josh Ackerman
Posted Oct 28 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,

A few months ago I made a prototype of a virtual keyboard in Framer, and although I intended to publish the source once I finished, I never really got around to finishing it. After seeing the Apple event today, and the big focus on the Touch Bar, I thought this prototype could somehow help (or be extended\simplified by) people interested in testing keyboard related designs.

The original prototype was basically a working keyboard (using a custom text field I made), however this release is simplified in the sense that I removed the firebase integration that made this work, and didn't include anything but the keyboard. If people are interested I'll release the other Framer document which takes advantage of working shortcuts, app launcher, keyboard, UI bar, and glitchy mouse control.

As I mentioned before, it is unfinished and the code wasn't necessarily meant to be made public in this condition but anyway here is the download link,

Original on Dribbble:


Adam Mazurick


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