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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 29 - Read on Facebook

Our friends at Facebook just shipped a huge update to Origami. An unconstrained interactive design tool like Framer, but based on visual programming. It's a big step up from Quartz Composer and if you're into noodles and patches it's worth checking out!


George Kedenburg III

Matej Hrescak

Thanks for your kind words Koen <3

Andrew Pouliot

Thanks Koen! It was great to visit the Framer office when I was in Amsterdam and I can't wait to see what you guys do next :D

Kulgeek Bee

Is it free?

Jasper Hauser

Gotta love those Noodles

Tobias Tiefert

Great gesture that you're posting this here 👍

Gabriel Sanchez

Finally! :)

Nikita Zimin

Have they finally got rid of qc?

Chris Wang

Finally it's out!

Lois Yang

Framer and Origami are brothers. True love.

Murilo Ravani

Just like Framer, they don't have a windows version :(

Ciaran Madigan

I've been checking it out. Very impressive, and love how its fully native so you can access the camera etc.

Framer will always be my first love though.

Soo Min Kim

페북에서 일하는 친구가 프레이머말고 이거 쓴다고 하더랑 이민주

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