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Adam Mazurick
Posted Oct 29 - Read on Facebook

Thanks to the Framer team for helping us make our Monthly Framer Meetups awesome! Our Framer gear showed up and we're excited to share it with people who attend our event on November 23rd!


Koen Bok

We're making new shirts every month or so. Make sure you get them all. Crazy Framer shirt design submissions will be considered btw ;-)

Adam Mazurick

Special Thanks to Elena Stoyanova and Sara for all their hardwork helping us put this together. Koen Bok will definitely submit a new t-shirt design. The framer logo is such a brilliant mark. I really like it.

Tojo Rakoto Ramanantsoa

Looks good. Can I have one. Too bad I'm so far away.

Randi Dumaguet

Anything for us here in PH?

Chad Smith

Not gonna lie, I think some black framer hoodies would be awesome for the winter...

Bryan Sebesta

Adam Mazurick any way of getting this swag if one lives in Utah or somewhere else in the nether regions, away from Framer meet ups?

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