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Andrea Pedrina
Posted Oct 28 - Read on Facebook

Hi all. I'm new to Framer but I've having troubles finding a complete documentation. The one on Framer's website doesn't cover all the functions I'm finding in demos here. So if you know one, please share :)

But most important I would love to understand how to do these things:

1) Make a layer draggable after a short press. I need this because I've a scrollable list of circle elements that the user should also be able to drag and drop. So i'm having troubles.

1.1) Any good demo of a working drag and drop?

2) How do i fix the wrap dimensions of a scrollable element without moving the content?

3) How do i change the turning default position speed of a dragged element?

Thanks! :)


Floris Verloop
Andrea Pedrina

thank you Floris Verloop for your answer. This demo is the one i found useful. But help me a bit more please, I have an array of elements with different positions, how can it work for each of them since the X and Y position is different? Do i have to write the code for each of them? Sorry i'm quite new to framer.

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