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Markus Ölhafen
Posted Oct 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey Everyone,
I have been using Framer as prototyping tool for our latest project. This prototype was the first one I also used Classes and modules to reuse the elements in further prototypes.
Thanks to the amazing community and examples I found in this group and on medium I really learned a lot and keep on learning :)
I know there is room for improvement in my code, but for now I'm super happy with Framer and what it can do :) Feel free to check out the prototype:


Luis Escobar

Nice design! A couple things to consider - if this is a mobile experience, I'm not sure there's much use to the hover state of the dropdown header. Also, when selecting multiple dropdown, you sometimes can't scroll to the bottom of the page. Otherwise, so cool stuff going on here. Good job!

Anastasia Walia

That's great! I started learning framer too. Please share your resources 😁

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