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Marco Aurélio Rodrigues
Posted Oct 26 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,
I am trying to hide a button when I am on a specific page using a condition and snapToPage, but I can't figure out how to target the current page on view. I tried the currentPage but for some reason, it did not work. It hides the button permanently. Can anyone give me a hand? Here is a demo I hope this makes sense. Thanks


Tojo Rakoto Ramanantsoa

Hey there, try this : YourPage.on "change:currentPage", ->
currentIndex = YourPage.horizontalPageIndex(YourPage.currentPage)
if currentIndex is (here the number of the page you want)
(here the thing you want the thing to do)

Tojo Rakoto Ramanantsoa
Marco Aurélio Rodrigues

That works Tojo Rakoto Ramanantsoa, thanks a lot.

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