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Adam Mazurick
Posted Oct 27 - Read on Facebook

Connected Lab has officially been selected to be Toronto’s Official Framer.js Chapter!

We'll be using a new format :) It’s going to be very focused on just Auto-code. There will be more T-shirts too!

Tickets are now available!

Beautiful subtle movement enhances the user experience and makes products more engaging, dynamic and memorable. This month we'll be diving into Autocode Animation-a powerful feature that helps you easily design animations.


1. We'll do some teaching and then we're going to work 1-on-1 with every attendee so that you walk out of our meetup with 1 complete prototype!

2. We're going to break down Autocode.

3. We're going to do some live-code. Yeah, I’ll actually put files on Git and do stuff from scratch.

4. We're going to work 1-on-1 with you and teach you how to get going even if you don't know code :)


Sara Surh

This is awesome Adam!

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