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Thomas Law
Posted Oct 24 - Read on Facebook

Made an animation in Framer!
Like it on Dribbble:


Ashanya Indralingam

This is so cool!

Philip Belov

Awesome! How have you animated the headphones?

Luis Escobar

Adam Mazurick

You should write a tutorial on medium. I'm very curious on how you're doing what appears to be masking. Traditionally, I'd use shape layer animation in after effects with trim paths to do this. How are you masking the white reflection that appears on the stop watch?

Adam Mazurick

Ok, I understand now! You're using a parent child relationship between layers and editing the layer.clip properties as the mask. So basically, you're tweaking rotation, width and height of the clip and applying listeners to initiate SVGs. Brilliant.

Gregory J. Orton

Dude, project link would be awesome.

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