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Quinnie Chen
Posted Oct 21 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, I was trying to use framer and imported an exercise sketch file in, but it seems when I tapped the layers, nothing happens... Did I do anything wrong here. P.S my trail version is going to be expired in 7 hours and I haven't made my mind about using it or not.

Here is the screenshot


Quinnie Chen

Arif Henry Neo 梁東庭 do you know why it didn't work ?

Jon Madison

What do you want to happen?
you make things happen by attaching "event handlers" to layers (those things you see on the right represented by a hierarchy), or using things that Framer gives you to help you along.

Here is something to try, for example

Type in

scroll = ScrollComponent.wrap(options)

scroll.scrollHorizontal = false

You should be able to move things up and down now.:)

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