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Dwayne Tatum
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook

Hey gang, Long time stalker, first time poster here. I've been using Framer for a few months and love it.

My current issue is as follows:

I have this prototype that makes use of an array to set up a grid of cards that scroll --> Inside each card I want to load a different image from the image folder in the framer project. I'm not fluent with javascript or coffeescript (yet) but I believe I've hit a wall as far as what I can piece together from various tutorials online and within this great community.

What I'm looking to get help with:

1. I'd like to load in the 10 images from the images folder starting at the top left (grey rounded box that has no image), then the next image under that one, then top square in the next column the the one under that and so on...

2.Why am I getting this first empty grey box at the top left?

Any help along with an explanation on how the solution works would be very much appreciated!



Nikita Shekhov

The problem is on line 46-47:
cardBg = new Layer
image: "images/food_#{col}.png" #was if row and col then "images/food_#{col}.png"

Dwayne Tatum

Thanks Nikita! That solves Issue #2. Now I just need to figure out Issue #1.

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