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Maxence Le Corre
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook


I'm trying a very simple animation here. The expected behaviour is to have the layer at the top being horizontally centered after being clicked thanks to the following property:

midX: Framer.Device.screen.width/2

Once in a while it does. But most of the times it gets left aligned.
Also I'm wondering why we cannot use the Align function on midX / midY / maxX / maxY. Wouldn't it be more convenient if we could? I'm guessing there might be reasons behind this limitation (some other recommended practices maybe).


Dan Bartley

Heya mate, you can't move the layer by changing it's midX because the midX is only affected by the width of the layer, not the x value.

Just set the x value to the center and minus half the width of the layer:

Maxence Le Corre

Thanks for answering Dan! 👍🏽

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