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Regimantas Vegele
Posted Oct 18 - Read on Facebook

Hi All, I'm a bit confused as to how framer colors work. I have multiple 'parents' for a layer and they all seem to give their opacity to the child. If I set Opacity 1.0 on the child the color is totally different if I just draw a layer with the same color but without parents. In addition, I'm not sure if this is something that I don't fully understand, but if I do a screenshot of the prototype and pick the colors, they are not what I assigned them to be in the first place.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Regimantas Vegele, let's see. It may be caused by parent / child layers with a default semi-transparant grey background overlapping your sibling/child layers. Could you share an example with us?

Jonas Treub

Here is an example showing the difference between a layer its opacity and a backgroundColor with transparency.

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