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Ermal Turkesi
Posted Jan 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi there, I was wonderin if someone knows how to set a snap point on a volume slider/fader. Here is a sample of theslider, that I would like for it to snap when the the slider is set +-5 from where the sniping line appears. Thanks!


Rafael Marin

You can use a conditional on the Events.DragEnd of slider.knob and snap it when the value is close to that range.

Ermal Turkesi

Thanks, Rafael. Would it be possible to have it snap while you are dragging it and have some resistant to snap out of that point?

Radek Kyselý

Ermal Turkesi Would this be something you're looking for?

The handle changes to yellow when you're within the range and when you end the dragging, it animates to the snap point.

I wouldn't recommend drag-resistance once you're snapped. It might confuse the user when trying to drag out of the snap range without having a feedback of moving handle.

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