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Jon Madison
Posted Oct 11 - Read on Facebook

Would framer studio spoof browser type within studio when switching between devices please? and maybe provide some other variable to check if we're in framer studio. it's kinda annoying to have to run an emulator in order to pass around the correct device type. Okay so i also can run it and spoof via chrome, but i'd love to sit inside Studio all day and have awesomeness. Thanks. Side note -- should i post these kinds of requests as an issue on the Framer github? wasn't sure how appropriate it was given it's a Studio question. (and i like the idea of getting votes here via likes, if things seem compelling:)


Jonas Treub

You might be interested in the following:
print Utils.isPhone()
print Utils.isFramerStudio()

Jonas Treub

Framer.Device.deviceType.indexOf("google") isnt -1

Jonas Treub

isAndroidPhoneOrSimulator = ->
sim = Utils.isFramerStudio() and Framer.Device.deviceType.indexOf("google") isnt -1
phone = Utils.isAndroid()
return phone or sim

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