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Mike Johnson
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

I mentioned to a few people at the Seattle meet up that I was working on a little screencast site, but wasn't quite ready to put it up yet. I figured I would just announce it already and get some feedback rather than waiting longer...

Please let me know if you run into any bugs or errors.

Or ideas, questions, comments, anything really.
I want to have case study videos where I'll make a full prototype from start to finish, but first I wanted to start with some fundamentals.


Radek Kyselý

(y) I love the video explaining functions! :D

Elliot Nolten

Can't wait for what happens next in the Batman vs Superman fight! I like it!

Daniel Maniés

I just took a quick look and you did a great job :) a little advice for future videos: The sound is very low even with maximum volume.

Paul Kooi

Watched the Functions video...nicely done. Looking forward to the Classes vid next. Hurry hurry :)

Benjamin Den Boer

Very nicely done! You have a nice voice for this. :-)

Jorn van Dijk

Wow man this is is amazing!

Leonid Nazarov

Great videos! Thank you Mike Johnson! Please, add some stuff for advansed user: modules, firebase, npm...

Marko Vuletič

Is there a way of signing up without FB?

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