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Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis
Posted Oct 13 - Read on Facebook

It's me once again. Today I tried to organize the sketch file and I imported the file. When I tried to go to the 3rd onboarding screen some elements were missing and I can't figure out why.. I know it's something simple but still can't find it. Prototype here:


Eelco Lempsink

Hmm, the elements are in there, but they are about one screen height lower (if you navigate to the 3rd screen and then hover over Circle1 under artboardC in the layer list you can see it). It’s hard to tell why without the Sketch file, but I would double check the coordinates inside artboardC, to make sure there is no unintended offset.

Trevor Coleman

Some things need to be grouped to be seen in sketch, is that it? Making things explicitly exportable can also help.

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