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Roxanne van Rijn
Posted Oct 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi Everyone! I'm trying my first prototype for iPad mini with Framer! I hope you guys can help me with this problem:

I want to be able to have my prototype know where I am.
I tried to figure out two things:
- implementing the pedometer of the iPad
- inserting some kind of automatic scrolling, and just scroll back if it goes too fast

Both with a 'Default' button to reset the pedometer to a specific location of where the user is standing right now.

It is for a project with a seat map. It doesn't have to be very specific, but it would be nice to have a general overview of where you're standing.

Any ideas or previous expertise on how to do this? Any help is welcome :) .


Chris Camargo

I don't believe you can access any pedometer information from a Safari WebView. You can access raw accelerometer readings, but you'd have to implement a step detection algorithm, and I don't believe there are any accessible JavaScript based algorithms for this kind of thing.

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