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Kishore Kumar
Posted Oct 07 - Read on Facebook


I want the layer sketch.Bab sketch to hide when I scroll sketch.Scroll by 1000 pixels.

I cant get the desired output. What am I doing wrong?


sketch = Framer.Importer.load("imported/[email protected]")

scroll = ScrollComponent.wrap sketch.Scroll
scroll.scrollHorizontal = false

sketch.BAB.superLayer = sketch.Scroll
scroll.Scroll = false

sketch.BAB.on Events.Click, ->
scale: 1.25
repeat: 999

sketch.Scroll.on Events.Scroll, ->
if sketch.Scroll.Y > 1000
sketch.BAB.visible = false


Suresh Selvaraj

Are you looking for scroll.scrollY?

Suresh Selvaraj

Also, you'll need to add the event handler on your scroll component
scroll.on Events.Scroll, ->
if (scroll.scrollY > 1000) whatever

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