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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Oct 14 - Read on Facebook has new updates!

This update includes remote layers, drag and drop detection, layer distribution, value conversion, slow motion control and more… Much thanks to Mårten Björk, Ian Bellomy (Isa), Weston Thayer, Trevor Phillippi, Black Pixel and Dave Crow for sharing these latest examples with the community.

I'm back to doing regular weekday updates so keep checking back.

If you have tips, snippets, modules, examples or walkthroughs you’d like to contribute please hit me up here, tag me in comments or leave a suggestion on the Framer Code site.

Also, if you'd like to volunteer to help curate, redesign or help in any way, I'd love to talk.

- Jordan Robert Dobson


Jordan Robert Dobson
Jorn van Dijk

You are the man.

Kasper Andersen

Awesome stuff!

Mårten Björk

Nice! :D Thanks for adding my project!

Benjamin Den Boer

Awesome work guys!

Karim El-Kharraz

Thank you

Koen Bok

So much cool stuff here.


awesome , Thanks :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

More is coming next week. Sorry I was at a wedding in Vegas. :)

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