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Jacek Stryk
Posted Mar 20 - Read on Facebook

Trying to build a prototype where a (1) single press on keyboard arrow left/right animates one way and (2) long press (arrow press and hold) animates a different way.

So far the idea I tried is to sniff for keyboard events with

Events.wrap(window).addEventListener 'keyup', (event)

which only fires when the key is up - works great for single key presses

and do

Events.wrap(window).addEventListener 'keydown', (event) which fires continuously when the arrow is depressed

The problem though is when I release the arrow after long press the "keyup" fires which is what I want to avoid.

How do I remove the event listener for "keyup" while "keydown" is firing? I tried Events.wrap(window).removeEventListener 'keyup' but is does not work. Layer. off() does not work either cause they keyboard events are attached to "window" not a particular layer.

Any ideas how to differentiate between single and long keyboard presses better?


Philippe Côté

I think what you have to do is to use a flag that triggers a state on keydown, then revert on keyup.

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