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Christina Zou
Posted Oct 04 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys. I'm sharing a Framer prototype to Android users via an ad. It frequently takes 10+ seconds for the framer to load and for the framer logo to disappear on Android chrome. During this time, most of my testers abandon the page. In contrast, on desktop, the prototype loads almost immediately.

I assume I'm stuck, but anyone have ideas on what causes this slowness? I don't see anything unusual in the profiler timeline, any special network calls or events firing during the loading time. My prototype isn't especially complicated:


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Christina, the preloader you’re seeing will wait until the video has loaded enough that the browser is confident it will play through without hiccups. If you have control over the test devices, you can try loading the prototype once, to (hopefully) cache the video. If you don’t, you can also try disabling the preloader with the code `Framer.Extras.Preloader.disable()`, to see if that improves the experience / load time.

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