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Juan J. Ramirez
Posted Nov 20 - Read on Facebook

v71 broke a bunch of prototypes in which I was using Kevyn Arnott iOS Framer Kit.

Is there a way to downgrade?


Kevyn Arnott

Are there any prototypes you can share with me? I'll look at what's breaking, so the kit will run properly on v71.

Juan J. Ramirez

yeah, I'll DM you a link. By the way. They are running on the old version of iOS Kit. I'll try to upgrade first to the updated module and see if that helps.

Sergey Voronov

I writing some stuff on ioskit and 71 , works fine, there were some issues with animation - fixed now

Juan J. Ramirez

ok. So updating to the new iOS kit solved some issues... but action sheets are broken and text fields are broken as well. I'll DM you Kevyn Arnott

Sergey Voronov

Kevyn Arnott one of the problem is iphone 7 device - TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'specs.height')

Rafe Chisolm

Is anyone else getting a DOM Exception 12 with text fields? Running v73

Jordan Robert Dobson

You can always use my InputField module up on if you need one.

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