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Paul Kooi
Posted Oct 04 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to set two different animations options when switching states?

For example... A user selects a button and gets an animation that's .5 sec long. But on scroll the animation takes only .2 sec long.

I do realize there are other ways to get around this problem... just wondering if there's a more direct or different rout that I'm unaware of. Thanks


Jonas Treub

The latest Framer release introduced a new animation API under the hood. Because of its backwards compatibility you probably haven't noticed this. The new API allows specifying unique animation options for each state transition. Here is a nice overview of what has changed:

Jonas Treub

layerA.animate("stateName", time: 0.5)

Luke Warda

Thanks Jonas!

Paul Kooi

Thanks so much Jonas . I'll check it out.

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