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JL Flores Mena
Posted Oct 01 - Read on Facebook

The new update made me lost a few hours this morning, here are my two lessons learned, hope it helps others:

- "on" is a reserved word and cannot be used for states. I have a lot of modules where I used "on" as a name.
- This is a tricky one: states.current no longer returns a string, but an object of all attributes of the state. That means now you need to use

Maybe I didn't read the update notes, but the documentation hasn't been updated. The change in states was a big one though.


JL Flores Mena

And maybe is just me, but this is not working anymore:"one", "two")

It goes through all states in the layer...

Jonas Treub

Niels is actively working on improving the animation API. You might have spotted some bugs here. Thanks!

Niels van Hoorn

I'm really sorry that this cost you some time, but we're really grateful for your feedback! We're working on improving the the error messages when using reserved statenames.
The states.current returning a state instead of a name, is indeed a breaking change, but I thought it wasn't already in this release, we will reconsider it soon.

Chris Lee

Niels van Hoorn This is tripping me up too:

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