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JL Flores Mena
Posted Sep 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey Frameristos, quick question:

I recently got the Framer app for iOS and I've been liking it a lot. The one thing I'm struggling with now though is that I have a very large prototype and sharing it through WiFi is taking a long time. I downloaded it for offline viewing and it took 10 minutes to download.

It may be that I have very bad WiFi connection this week, or that this prototype is huge, but my question is: is there another way to transfer the prototype that doesn't rely on WiFi?



Jay Fallon

Not that I know of and it's extremely irritating.

JL Flores Mena

And for extra context: If I open this prototype on browser from an external server, the loading time is less than 10 seconds. But opening the same prototype on Framer for iOS synced to Framer for Mac takes around 10 minutes.

Jonas Treub

Thanks for the heads up! I'll look into it!

Benjamin E Saravia

Framer: Maybe you can use the new Universal Clipboard it uses bluetooth...

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